Content Marketing That Matters

Every business is told they need to blog, post on social media accounts, and worst of all, create content all the time. But what are the real reasons to do any of this? And why are most businesses wasting their time and money on poorly mapped content strategies simply because they were told they should…

There are an incredible amount of “tactics” that exist to bring in new business. And at the core of every marketing effort, this is what we are all hoping to accomplish.

But the most important reason to create content, the true “why”, is often overlooked. 

Content marketing is so much more than the single end result of landing new leads and sales. It’s about building a real and sustainable brand. It’s about building trust. It’s about providing resources for your sales and marketing teams. 

Above all else, building content is about providing real help and value for prospective clients and leads. And if you focus on who you’re helping, you’ll always do better than focusing on your own end goals.

See, most businesses jump from tactic to tactic to help themselves. They want to bring in new clients TODAY.  And they read online that putting up content every day makes that happen. So they start posting anything and everything they can think of, and none of it has any quality or value.

And these articles do nothing for their business. Worse than that however, they don’t do anything to help the client. Posts that simply sit on the site while the owner keeps posting more, or having a team keep posting more. All because they were told that if they keep posting they will land more business.

Tactics don’t put people first. They are simply a means to a business goal. Before you dive into any tactic, you should think about how it helps the people you are trying to serve. Things like cold emailing are tactics. 

This doesn’t mean you should avoid cold email. It just means that you should only be cold emailing people that you actually believe you can help and provide value for.

We are in a world now where our main concern about business is the bottom line, generating sales. This is key to keeping a business in business. But at some point many of us lose sight of WHY we are doing what we’re doing. If you aren’t running your business to help people who have a need, then it’s not worth doing at all.

Content marketing should simply be about creating the best and most helpful content possible. And yes, you SHOULD use tactics to promote the content. Proper SEO will make it rank higher and show it to more people. 

Because anything we spend our precious time on should be worth the time we spend. And if we spend time building something, we need to also spend time getting it in front of the people who will benefit most.

Now go out there and start creating real value for real people. And be proud of what you create (or what you hired someone to create). Your business success will follow.

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